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Making sure this post will NOT go viral

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Making sure this post will NOT go viral

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I’ve been wracking my brains for a while, trying to think of something super interesting and catchy that would go viral. The more I think about it, the fewer good ideas come into my head. People get writer’s block all of the time, but that isn’t my problem right now…I could write a 100-page software manual if I had to…I just can’t come up with a really big idea. Something fascinating that would get shared and retweeted endlessly…a verbal Harlem Shake.

And then it comes to me: there is a big difference between doing something just to do it, and doing something for value. Trying to make something big is my first mistake…what if I stop and decide to just make something really good instead? What if viral is out of reach?

I can’t make something viral

As much as I want, I can’t make something go viral. I heard it said all the time, “Let’s make a viral video,” but truth be told, no creator makes anything viral…the public does, and they are a whimsical lot. If I simply do my best creative work, the public will tell me what works and I can adjust accordingly. I’ll be hitting doubles soon, and triples after that. Maybe a home run even.

And even more, why should I filter out my own ideas because they’re not ‘big enough’? Putting a filter on my own creativity as a way of trying to have fast success limits me to my own biases. I have plenty of those.

So rather than swing for the fence, I’m going to hit solid singles. After all, if every hit was a home run, they wouldn’t be special and might draw suspicion of steroid use.


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