Making Text Mining Accessible to Any Developer & Non-Expert

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Making Text Mining Accessible to Any Developer & Non-Expert

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On the back of what I wrote the other week about machine intelligence, I think another important step is democratizing use of machine learning & intelligence software: making it accessible to people and companies that don’t have a PhD or deep pockets to hire one. This has thus far been the domain of experts and laborious manual work. I think this has to change.

In that spirit, I’m launching TextMinr - Text Mining as a Service, and we’re accepting applications for Beta users as of now.

The plan is to expose large parts of the underlying technology that drives GreedAndFearIndex in the shape of REST API’s and a web console/dashboard, so that others can innovate on top of it and make use of state-of-the-art text mining and natural language processing technology without having to spend years learning how it all works.

Pricing is still to be decided, but it will definitely be accessible to anyone with an idea: our current thinking is a simple pay-as-you-go pricing, where anyone will be able to dip their feet and test our technology out without having to pay and arm and a leg. I think it’s the fair way to go: if you barely use it, then you barely pay for it, if you process and analyze half the internet on a daily basis, well, then you’ll probably pay a little bit more.

You can sign up for the Beta that will be available soonish right now, all we want in return is your feedback. So if your interest, please do sign up!

Source: http://blog.recursivity.com/post/13108173847/making-text-mining-accessible-to-any-developer


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