Making the Most of the AWS IoT Surge

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Making the Most of the AWS IoT Surge

AWS has not been neglecting the IoT space. See what was announced at AWS re:Invent and how you can prepare your solutions to make use of the surge of new tools.

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As noted by the eminent Fredric Paul, many of AWS' recent announcements at re:Invent aim to join the power of the public cloud with expanded capabilities at the edge and tools for managing huge, fast-growing fleets of connected devices.

While AWS CEO Andy Jassy announced most of the new services during his keynote, AWS IoT VP Dirk Didascalou shared more details in his IoT State of the Union presentation. ZDNet’s Stephanie Condon had previously noted Jassy’s emphasis on the exponential growth in the number of devices, and Didascalou went deeper into how each new services would play a role in both monitoring and controlling the coming digital tsunami.

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Slide from re:Invent 2017 “IoT State of the Union”

AWS 1-Click creates an extremely simple path for associating devices with pre-built or custom AWS Lambda functions. We’ve been working with this team for a while to expand their Enterprise IoT Button program, and this enables more seamless integration with our ZipLine Enterprise IoT Button Manager application. With the announcement of a 3rd generation AWS IoT Button along with AT&T’s LTE-M Button, we look forward to deploying ZipLine across an even wider range of enterprise use cases.

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Slide from re:Invent 2017 “Introducing AWS IoT 1-Click”

AWS IoT Device Management is designed to onboard, organize, monitor and remotely manage devices at scale. This is going to make things a *lot* easier for organizations launching AWS IoT solutions to stay in control of their devices in the field.

AWS IoT Device Defender will help ensure fleets of devices are secure with continuous auditing, real-time detection and alerts, and fast mitigation of suspected attacks or unexpected behavior (whether spawned by malicious intent or innocent administrative errors). Though announced publicly at re:Invent, this is the youngest service in the AWS IoT family and we haven’t yet had a chance to evaluate. Stay tuned for recommendations and best practices.

We’re excited about AWS Greengrass ML Inference, which enables teams to build and train Machine Learning models in the cloud and deploy them at the edge where they can run locally to provide predictive logic without requiring connectivity to the cloud. As an original Greengrass launch partner, we see this as a big move for AWS at the edge that we’ll be putting to good use for some of our largest customers.

AWS IoT Analytics simplifies the challenging tasks of filtering, transforming, and enriching time-series IoT data. In order to produce meaningful insights and deliver reliable predictive maintenance, your IoT solution must join together data from external sources and internal systems, such as environmental conditions and customer details from your CRM, with incoming data from your machines. AWS IoT Analytics is designed to automate more of this process (for a quick walkthrough, see this post from AWS Tech Evangelist Tara Walker).

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels summed up the value of AWS IoT and other services to enterprises nicely by stating “The quality of the data you have will be the differentiator,” while Larry Dignan took all of this in and declared “The days of Amazon Web Services as [just] an infrastructure provider are over.”

Following up on the re:Invent announcements, AWS Senior Solutions Architect Mahendra Bairagi has put together Essential Capabilities of an IoT Cloud Platform for another look at these new services in context.

Throughout the conference, Jassy called out how quickly IoT is being adopted across a wide variety of industries, and Daniel Bryant illustrated in his recap on InfoQ just how focused AWS has become on helping enterprises take advantage of this new trend.

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