Employee Engagement Is *Not* HR's Job

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Employee Engagement Is *Not* HR's Job

We clearly need to burn this into the brains of executives everywhere.

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If only employee engagement could be solved with a ring...

I just came across a wonderful post from the Harvard Business Review on not only how to keep employees happy but also engaged in their work (because let's be honest, they really are an extension of the same thing).

As I'm sure most of you reading this are aware, keeping employees engaged in their work is a worldwide challenge for many businesses. There are, however, many ways to fix this challenge and improve productivity across the entire company.

But many an executive is unfortunately clueless about how to go about it:

"How did you feel about coming to work this morning?

I’m sure many factors influenced whether you felt like digging right in, but one of the most significant was almost surely your boss.

It seems obvious: Direct supervisors who set their teams up for success, observe them in action, ask for feedback, identify the root causes of employee concerns, and then follow through with meaningful improvements have happier, more engaged employees.

Why, then, do senior executives who tout the value of employee engagement so often delegate it to the HR department? HR serves an important function, but not even the best HR staff is in a position to take the actions required to affect the attitudes of individual employees or teams."

Food for thought, indeed.

Originally published February 2014

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