Manning's Countdown to 2017: eBook Discounts and Freebies

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Manning's Countdown to 2017: eBook Discounts and Freebies

Interested in discounts and freebies from Manning? Sign up to Manning's Countdown to 2017 and see what they have to offer during the month of December.

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Manning's Countdown to 2017 is just about to kick off, and there are lots of discounts to be had.

So, here's how it works...

Just click the icon below, follow the instructions to sign up, and you'll be added to Manning's Deal of the Day mailing list. This means that during the month of December you'll receive a special discount for a particular Manning publication in your email each day, good for that day only. So, remember to check your inbox regularly and act fast if you wish to get the deal!

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You'll also be entered to win one of two free publications each day during December and could potentially receive a copy of all Manning eBooks and MEAPs published in 2016!

So, if you're interested in getting a hold of some cheap (or maybe even free!) Manning Books, I'd recommend signing up.

If you're not already familiar with Manning's line up, then check out the catalog!

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