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March Performance Roundup: If You Want Something Done Right...

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March Performance Roundup: If You Want Something Done Right...

This month's Performance Roundup looks at the top trending articles for this month, including some DIY projects for your down time.

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Happy Women's History Month, everyone! Also Happy Irish Month, Frozen Food Month, Nutrition Month (i-ron-y), Red Cross Month, Social Worker's Month, and Peanut Month! March is coming to a quick close, and with it the first quarter of the year. This month we receive quite a few interesting articles here at DZone, including some DIY projects, some tips and tricks, and, as always, plenty of tutorials. Let's do a quick wrap up of what was on top this month!

Top 5 Viewed Performance Articles

  1. Beta Testing of Your Product: 6 Practical Steps to Follow by Vidal Maheedharan — Testing a product in real-world environments with potential customers can often reveal vulnerabilities in applications that were previously unnoticed.

  2. Build Your Own Error Monitoring Tool by Bartłomiej Pasik — If your application is on production or will be in near future, you should look for some kind of error monitoring tool. Looking for errors manually in your production environment isn’t cool.

  3. Programming BS: Spaghetti Code by Greg Hall — Spaghetti code makes programming more difficult for everyone involved, and is often caused by a lack of proper understanding of architecture.

  4. What the Best Network Monitoring Tools Have in Common by Christine Cignoli — An analysis of the characteristics of the best monitoring tools, including per-app monitoring, cloud-compatible design, and continuous monitoring.

  5. JMeter Distributed Testing with Docker by Vincenzo Marrazzo — Distributed testing allows developers to perform multiple tests using the same JMX script in a containerized environment using Docker.

Performance Pubs

Check out some of the latest publications from DZone that should help you test better, and keep your processes running smooth as butter. 

Test Design Automation by Gedeon Hombrebueno

Aside from the fact that his last name translated is "Goodman" (so surely he's trustworthy), you should take a look at this RefCard that can help you automate a lot of those pesky unit tests that you hate writing so much. 

Performance: Optimization and Monitoring Guide

Our last Performance Guide is definitiely still worth a look if you haven't checked it out yet, and features a host of our most popular contributors giving you tutorials, editorials, and all-around great information about performance, testing, and monitoring.  

Performin' for Cash

You're good at what you do, and you're looking for your next opportunity to prove it. We got you covered. Check out these two jobs on each end of the US. 

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Splice Machine 

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Front-End Engineer 

JW Player 

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