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Marching Into Databases: What's Been Happening?

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Marching Into Databases: What's Been Happening?

Look at everything you need to know about databases from the past month, including top database articles on DZone, top news that happened in the world of databases, and more!

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It's time for another Database Zone monthly round-up! Last time, we focused on database DevOps, looking into how to make DevOps work for your database solution, how to integrate DevOps into your workflow, and more. In this article, we'll keep it simple and cover everything you need to know about databases from the past month, including the top database-related articles on DZone that you should check out, the top news that happened in the world of databases, DZone publications that dive deep into databases, and more. Let's get started!

Databases on DZone

These are the top five articles from the Database Zone from the past month. Check them out so you're up-to-date on the latest and greatest in database on DZone!

  1. Spring + Hibernate + EhCache Caching by Adam Zareba. Look at an example Spring Boot project to help you understand how to use Spring, Hibernate, and EhCache caching features.
  2. MySQL 8.0 vs. MariaDB: Comparison of Database Roles by Shree Nair. With the release of v8, MySQL has made great strides in closing the gap in user roles support that was already implemented in MariaDB.
  3. How to Use SQL Complete for T-SQL Code by Daniel Calbimonte. When looking for a tool to help me code faster and generate code automatically for a project with many stored procedures, I discovered SQL Complete. Here's how to use it.
  4. The Types of Modern Databases by John Hammink. Where do you begin in choosing a database? We look at both NoSQL and RDBMSs to come up with a bird's eye view of both ecosystems to get you started.
  5. Relational Data Model: Back to the Roots by Athanassios I. Hatzis, Ph.D. Athanassios makes the big claim that the R3DM/S3DM framework we propose to be adopted in DB management systems can be considered an extension to Codd's relational model.

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Discovering Databases

Here, we'll look at some of the news in the world of databases from the month of March. Read on for a look at

  1. A new data leak hits Aadhaar, India's national ID database (ZDNet). This data leak affects potentially every member subscribed to the database — which is more than 1.1 billion Indian citizens.
  2. New Open Source Database to Track School Shootings (The Journal). Sad but true, school shootings are a very relevant topic in America these days. Learn about a new open source database being developed at John Jay College of Criminal Justice to track and analyze school shootings.
  3. Are configuration management database tools still relevant in 2018? (KnowTechie). It’s easy to believe that CMDBs have become an aging framework no longer needed in today’s agile computing world. But are they completely obsolete?

Dive Deeper Into Databases

  1. The DZone Guide to Databases: Speed, Scale, and Security. Advances in database technology have traditionally been lethargic. That trend has shifted recently with a need to store larger and more dynamic data. This DZone Guide is focused on how to prepare your database to run faster, scale with ease, and effectively secure your data.
  2. Data Warehousing: Best Practices for Collecting, Storing, and Delivering Decision-Support Data. This DZone Refcard walks you through each aspect of data warehousing. Gain a complete understanding of data modeling, infrastructure, relationships, attributes, and speedy history loading and recording with atomic data.

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