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MarkedUp Analytics for Windows 8 Available

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MarkedUp Analytics for Windows 8 Available

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MarkedUp - MarkedUp Analytics Beta for Windows 8 is Now Available

We are thrilled to announce that MarkedUp Analytics for Windows 8 is now available for public use!

Our team worked lots of long hours delivering MarkedUp in time for WinRT developers to get their arms wrapped around it well before the public ship date for Windows 8 (October 26th, 2012) and we are really, really happy with what we built.

MarkedUp is currently in-use in several Windows 8 apps already being distributed in the Windows Store, and it works equally well both for WinJS and C# / XAML.

The best part though is the pricing – while in beta, MarkedUp is absolutely 100% free as in beer free for developers. Eventually we will have pricing tiers, but there will always be a perpetual free tier so developers never have to open their wallets when starting a new project.

How to Get a Free Beta Registration Code

There’s been a lot of pent-up demand for MarkedUp, and while we want to make it available to everyone soon, we’re capping registration with limited-use codes.

Want a free MarkedUp registration code? Send us an email to ...



MarkedUp Overview

What is MarkedUp?

MarkedUp is an analytic and logging service built from the ground up to support Windows 8 apps (also known as metro-style apps) in the WinRT environment. Designed to be usable across all of the supported WinRT language from JavaScript to C# to C++ the client SDK allows you to capture analytics and diagnostic logging no matter your preference in development language.

If you want a quick overview on how MarkedUp works and how to install it into your Windows 8 apps, check out our MarkedUp tutorial video.

What sort of data can I see?

The MarkedUp analytic dashboard acts as the window into how your app is performing out in the Windows Store. At a glance it provides information on unique user count, session totals, exceptions and crashes in your app.


Runtime analytics are a must have feature IMHO. Don't leave your app's without them. Especially when you can get them free...


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