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Marketers, let’s get real about conversions

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Marketers, let’s get real about conversions

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Content marketing is a hot term and for good reason. We finally have the tools to digitally track our messages as they fly through the ether and to track responses coming back from anywhere and everywhere. Marketing is fully digital and, for the fortunate few, the way to fuel their business from the inside.

But the term ‘conversion’ is used in very fast and loose fashion. Is a social ‘like’ a conversion? Is a click on a graphic or link? If you’re an inside sales type, it probably has an entirely different meaning.

Words matter and the devil is in the definition because content marketing’s biggest challenge is in how to measure its effectiveness. Brandpoint, a content marketing service recommends the the following three categories from a ‘what to measure’ standpoint:

  • Awareness (like your search engine rank for keywords and social metrics such as likes and follows)
  • Consideration (longer average visit duration, social shares)
  • Conversion (growth in newsletter or blog subscriptions)

Agreeing on terms is a first step to setting a benchmark, which is the precursor to setting goals and measuring to those goals. My advice? Start with the words you use. 

Getting visual

Here’s Brandpoint’s infographic on how to measure content marketing:


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