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Marketing Cloud Platforms to Engineers and Developers

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Marketing Cloud Platforms to Engineers and Developers

Think differently and more expansively about your career is the message that Ben Gibson has for engineers in this interview.

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Thanks to Ben Gibson, CMO at Nutanix for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with me at their .NEXT conference.

What do you focus on when marketing to developers, engineers, and architects? 

We strive to provide a holistic portal experience so the developer can see what’s going on with their apps. The user interface (UI) is at the top of the pyramid in product development. Based on past experience, we know visibility into performance drives performance up. We are opening a new front with developers after reaching IT engineers. We have to provide developers with digital backpacks of tools and we've created a start-up initiative to build affinity with developers so we know what tools they find most valuable.

We see a demand for "lift and shift" from public to private clouds. The Global 2000 is our core customer. About 50% are implementing DevOps that is not necessarily connected to what IT is doing.

We hosted a hackathon here at .NEXT.  We thought we'd be lucky to get four tables of six to participate. We had to cut off registration at 82 because we ran out of space. The solutions the teams came up with were inspiring and creative. That's what happens when you get a bunch of developers together and let them be creative. Rest assured we'll plan for a bigger hackathon next year.

What are the KPIs you emphasize to determine the effectiveness of your marketing investment?

Awareness and share of voice with paid, earned, and owned media in the hyper-converged enterprise cloud.

Pipeline generation, initiation, acceleration, and expansion, with a good understanding of the customer journey based on data, like propensity to buy, inbound engagement, and queries that turn into pipeline.

Loyalty, affinity to us, connecting with customers, is key. We have a net promoter score of 92 which is a great reflection on our product, experience, and support.

Our customers are leaping from hard to use, unmanageable, and unmaintainable infrastructure to a simpler solution that gives them the freedom to play. We measure next generation certifications so customers are positioned to be the information counsel with strategic control for cost control compliance. "Cisco-certified" marketed the value of the certification to their customers higher salaries and we want to do the same with Nutanix and the hyper-converged multi-cloud infrastructure.

What content do you look for on a site focusing on software development – type of content, topics covered?

I like to meet with the people at Nutanix — engineers that are building and inventing. How they think about design is a lot like marketing. Human connection about why they do what they do.

I like to meet with small entrepreneurial companies who are challenging the status quo and finding creative solutions to problems.

What’s the key message you want your customers and prospects to take away from this conference?

Think differently and more expansively about your career. Technology is changing so fast your career will have several iterations.

Beam gives you insight into the cost of the public cloud, so you can make smarter, better informed, decisions about what to run where. This will free up budget so you can do more to add value to your department and your organization.

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