Marketing Your Game: Tips for Indie Game Developers

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Marketing Your Game: Tips for Indie Game Developers

Trying to market your indie game? Here are tips you need to know as developer, like an onus on timing, and building a website.

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So you have this amazing game, your friends say it’s terrific and everybody else too. The only problem is that you are unable to reach the target market in real. Failure to do so results in a good mobile app just sitting there on the iTunes or Play Store without any further hype.

Independent mobile game developers have a hard time in getting the word out regarding their game. There may be a lot of passion and creativity involved but the valuable resources are missing to have the app reach the audience. There is a very low possibility to actually look up to large mobile developers for marketing strategies – they are creating and marketing apps in completely different scenarios.

So how would really an indie game developer market the mobile apps they create? Take a look at these few pointers as low-cost and perfectly reasonable solutions for marketing your indie game.

Timing is Everything

Creating a tad bit of hype works wonders for games. However, if you are unsure of the title or the exact mechanics then the marketing campaign is sure to suffer in times to come. There are two roads that you can take in such a situation: Either skip the pre-release marketing in all, or at least have a sample ready to flaunt to the world, it might as well be a screenshot.

Once it is released and has the hooking element, the sales will go up like anything. Early marketing is imperative as it also gives you a fair idea of what people think about it in advance and then make a few tweaks just here and there.

Get Those Trailers Out

Trailers stir in the excitement among the people but come a bit later only. You don’t have to be an expert on filming, just put in the various facets of the games, lesser cut-scenes, with no cheesy titles and you’re good.

This is also the perfect time to unveil your identity to the world. Don’t forget to mention the company name and the game title with great clarity. People should know what’s coming and who is behind the scenes.

Build a Website

Regardless of the fact that you have one game or more than that previously, you need a website. It stands as the home base for all you have created and gives an even clearer introduction of you, your company, and your products and services.

Include the screenshots, a brief introduction of the company and highlights from the games will add color to the website. Update it frequently to ensure each new visitor, and the existing ones, are well-informed.

Blog About It

In order to humanize yourself and connect with the gamers, developers and the audience out there, create a development blog. Mention all the struggles that you had to go through in creating the game and how you achieved all of it. Post frequently about the triumphs and all that you feel is relevant to your game.

Although blogging about the game development is a good idea but what’s certainly not good is writing about every tad bit of bug you come across. Just keep up with the right flow, the one that determines a path to the final product: your game.

Get Active on Social Media

Having a social media presence is not just a fad but a necessity. That is how people get their daily news, for real, so why not approach the most fascinating of the networking places! Create a Facebook page, as well as a Twitter account.

Subscribe to various outlets before you begin or see what’s trending. Don’t just approach people randomly, follow the ones who seem really interested. When you post about something, keep it open to opinions and take it as a positive feedback. Don’t forget to have an engaging conversation with them. No matter what you do, don’t get carried away with social media and don’t ever think it is a replacement for your website.

Bonus Tip: Link all of it up! Your website should show your social media accounts and the accounts should have links to other accounts as well as the website. Update them all frequently.

Spend as much time marketing as you spend developing a game. Only then will you be able to bring out your A-Game. The next time you are on it, you know what to do. Implement correctly and none of your games will go unnoticed from now onwards!

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