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Marrying Fitness and Nutrition Wearables

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Marrying Fitness and Nutrition Wearables

See how one company is utilizing AI and wearable tech to make people healthier.

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There have been no shortage of innovative wearable devices that are designed to help us become fitter and more active.  These include devices built into sweatbands, ski boots, clothing, and, of course, wristbands. These devices increasingly offer AI-based coaching support in addition to the more traditional tracking and analytics side of sports monitoring.

Of course, while exercise is undoubtedly exceptionally valuable, it is seldom possible to out-exercise a bad diet. Suffice to say, there are many apps available to help us eat more healthily.  There has been much less of a crossover however between healthy diets on one hand and active lifestyles on the other.

STYR Labs aims to tap into this by providing users with a personalized diet that is designed to reflect the lifestyle of each user. So if they are active in a particular sport, the app will try and craft a suitable diet for that lifestyle.

Personalized Diet

They brand themselves as allowing us to use our body as a personal lab that the big data behind STYR provides live feedback on our health, nutrition and performance.

The service consists of a wearable device, Bluetooth scales, an app, a range of monitors for things like body fat and water retention, and then a system to recommend dietary products for the user based upon the above.

It’s certainly an interesting system, but it does come with a rather large caveat in that STYR are manufacturers of nutritional supplements, whether vitamin tablets or protein shakes. As such, the nutritional advice offered is all geared towards selling STYR products.

As such, I can’t help but feel it’s a glimpse of a possible future whereby our diet, sleep and exercise are connected via a single service, but does not quite crack that nut in itself.

It’s certainly an interesting idea though and hopefully it will inspire others to do a slightly more rounded and less proprietary approach.  Check out the video below for more information on STYR Labs.

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