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Martin Fowler Announces Progress on NoSQL Book

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Martin Fowler Announces Progress on NoSQL Book

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Time for a progress report on NoSQL Distilled. We’ve done a round of technical review and are now pretty happy with the text, happy enough to move it into production.

Production for a book these days is both more complicated and more responsive than it used to be. The next step on the book text is to do copy-editing and indexing. It sounds like we are going to get the same people I worked with on my DSL book, which will be excellent news since they did a good job and were happy to work directly on the XML source in my repository. This simplifies and speeds up the whole process. They will also do the book design and convert the book in camera-ready for printing the physical books.

I suspect, however, that this book will see more electronic copies than physical ones. In parallel with the copy-editing we’ll be preparing the electronic copies. We intend to do a rough-cut version of the book as soon as we can. This should be available through InformIT, Amazon, and Safari. I’ll make further announcements here as these become visible.

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