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Master Docker: The Complete Toolkit - Events

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Master Docker: The Complete Toolkit - Events

This series provides comprehensive resources to help you become an expert with Docker, like this list of the most popular Docker events and conferences.

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1. DevOps Days

DevOps DaysDevOps Days is the original DevOps conference where the term "DevOps" was born.

Key Features:

  • Global community meetup for DevOps professionals.
  • Organized by leading experts like Patrick Debois.
  • Docker being central to the DevOps concept, newbies would benefit by attending one of these local meetups.

2. DockerCon


DockerCon is the official Docker conference held annually in the US and Europe.

Key Features:

  • Biggest product updates are announced at the conference.
  • Tracks for all kinds of users, both technical and business users, so there’s something for everyone.
  • Videos are available online right after the event.

3. Jenkins World

Jenkins World

Jenkins World is the annual conference of Jenkins, a top continuous integration (CI) tool that’s also extending its reach to continuous delivery (CD). As many Docker users are also interested in Jenkins, this is a must-attend event for devs.

Key Features:

  • Certifications and workshops.
  • DevOps sessions.
  • Networking.
  • More than 1,500 CD thought leaders, IT execs, and more.

4. KubeCon


KubeCon is the official Kubernetes conference. With Kubernetes being the top container orchestration platform, KubeCon is a must-attend event for any developer embracing Docker.

Key Features:

  • Talks are more technical at KubeCon vs. DockerCon.
  • Leading experts from open-source and cloud-native communities.
  • Co-located with CloudNativeCon.

Stay Tuned

We'll continue on with our Docker resource roundup, providing you with a list of helpful tutorials, tools, and assets to help you along your Docker journey. Next up, we'll take a look at some of the best Docker experts out there.

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