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Master Docker: The Complete Toolkit - Open Source Tools

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Master Docker: The Complete Toolkit - Open Source Tools

This series provides a comprehensive set of resources to help you become an expert with Docker! Take a look at the best open source tools out there for use with Docker.

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Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)


Though not a tool itself, the CNCF is a collection of open source tools that aid with Docker implementation.

Key Features:

  • Started and run by a consortium of companies like Google, CoreOS, Docker, and every major cloud provider, the CNCF is the leading authority on container technologies today.
  • It features projects such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, Flannel, gRPC, and more.



Kubernetes is, by far, the hottest open source tool today.

Key Features:

  • A container orchestrator, Kubernetes is built to manage container workloads at extremely high scale.
  • Built and open sourced by Google, Kubernetes is battle-tested over many years inside Google.
  • Kubernetes has its own tutorials that are interactive and free of charge.



Prometheus is the hottest open-source cloud monitoring tool today.

Key Features:

  • Purpose built for monitoring container workloads, Prometheus works seamlessly with Kubernetes.
  • It can handle high-frequency data updates with ease.
  • Integrates with a variety of cloud platforms.

Stay Tuned

We'll continue on with our Docker resource roundup, providing you with a list of helpful tutorials, tools, and assets to help you along your Docker journey. Next up, we'll go over the vendor ecosystem that's out there for Docker.

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