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MasterCard Israel 85% More Productive in Promoting Changes after Implementing DevOps for Database from DBmaestro

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MasterCard Israel 85% More Productive in Promoting Changes after Implementing DevOps for Database from DBmaestro

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Tel Aviv, February 18, 2014 - DBmaestro (www.DBmaestro.com), the pioneer and leading provider of DevOps for Database solutions has announced that Isracard, Israel’s leading credit card company and member of the worldwide MasterCard group, will be renewing their contract with DBmaestro for a third year. DBmaestro streamlined Isracard’s development process by providing Database Enforced Change Management capabilities (DECM) which enforce best practices and prevent accidental code overwrites.

In 2011 Isracard was struggling with a number of challenges including failures during production deployments and frequent unintentional code overwrites which forced developers to spend time backtracking and re-implementing changes. Isracard's problems were a lack of insight into change histories, difficulty undoing changes and rolling back to previous versions, an inability to properly prioritize developers' work, and a lack of formal documentation of planned and completed changes. The company wanted to enforce consistency and coordination for database development in the same way that its tools and methodologies did for native application code. These issues were draining valuable time and resources from the company.

After evaluating a number of solutions, Isracard chose DBmaestro and quickly experienced an eightfold increase in its productivity in promoting changes. A deployment script that took as much as two hours to be developed before DBmaestro was now completed in just 15 minutes. DBmaestro also provided a full audit trail of all changes, which made it easier for the change manager to control all projects throughout their lifecycle - from development through pre-production, to production. This drastic improvement was achieved with the help of DBmaestro's Database Enforced Change Management capabilities (enforcement of version control best practices), which prevent accidental code overwrites and eliminates the rework associated with such errors. Developers at Isracard were now able to see if someone else was already working on the same object, improving communication and minimizing the risk of redundancies and conflicts.

"Our development processes were inefficient, and we often found ourselves working on versions that were different from production versions,” said Ronen Zaretsky, CIO of Isracard. “DBmaestro changed all that. It has helped us streamline and coordinate our activities across code and database development. Now, we can work smarter and faster, and everything runs smoothly, from start to finish."

"We are delighted to continue supporting Isracard for the 3rd year in a row, following an already successful two year partnership,” Said Yaniv Yehuda, CTO of DBmaestro. “This is the perfect demonstration of the value our solution provides our partners. Isracard approached us in 2011 seeking a way to improve development processes, maintain stability and promote changes to production daily instead of monthly. To ensure the availability of production systems, they also needed to ensure separation between development and production environments. After evaluating a number of solutions Isracard chose DBmaestro because it integrated seamlessly with the company's existing proprietary deployment tool, and helped to rapidly and effectively bridge the gap between code and database development methodologies.”

To learn more about TeamWork from DBmaestro, visit our blog or Request a Free Evaluation.

About DBmaestro

DBmaestro is the pioneer and leading provider of DevOps for Database solutions which enable control of the database. Its flagship product, DBmaestro TeamWork, is the leading Database Enforced Change Management (DECM) solution that empowers Agile team collaboration through enforcing change policy and best practices. DBmaestro TeamWork enables continuous development, continuous release and continuous deployment processes. This eliminates the number of potential risks threatening database development and deployment by 60% and reduces deployment costs by 95%.

DBmaestro’s solutions are deployed at major international companies including VISA, MasterCard, Knight Capital, Thomson Holidays, Bank Leumi and others.  

About Isracard

Isracard is a fully-owned subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest banking group. Isracard was founded in 1975 and is Israel’s leading Credit Card Company. Isracard has some 100 thousand merchant agreements and approximately 2 million credit card holders.

Isracard is continually developing and implementing advanced technologies to widen the variety of its products, and to improve customer service. The company is developing new activities in various areas, including P2P and B2B, which the current partnership is a major basis for its further development


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