Maven Studio Announced, Oracle Commissions Sonatype For Java.net Migration

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Maven Studio Announced, Oracle Commissions Sonatype For Java.net Migration

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At EclipseCon this week, Jason van Zyl, the founder of Sonatype and the Apache Maven project, is unveiling the first product in Maven Enterprise Suite, a series of Maven enterprise tools to be released this year.  The new product, Maven Studio for Eclipse, is a Maven-focused Eclipse distribution that helps development shops quickly (in one click) onboard new developers into an existing project.  DZone had a chat with van Zyl about the Maven Enterprise Suit offerings and the recent news out of Sonatype.  

van Zyl says, "It can take anywhere from four hours to a day, and in some cases where it's very bad, several days to get a new developer started with a project."  With Maven Studio, van Zyl says that project leads will typically set up a project and email the developers an onboarding link which will download and provision the entire Eclipse installation, grab all of the Eclipse plugins, provide a view of the source code, and set up all the preferences.  "From one click, the developer can have a complicated project completely set up and ready to go in 20 minutes," said van Zyl.  "If the team lead got it working for themselves, and it was tested, then it should be reproducible for anyone else on the team."

With M2Eclipse at its core, Maven Studio for Eclipse includes other productivity features.  They are:

License management
- Ensures that all license headers and attribution files are present in the project, making the terms of the license legally enforceable

Tomcat integration
- For rapid web application development

Confluence Wiki integration
- Lets developers to view and edit wiki content from inside Eclipse

Hudson integration
- Allows the launching of Hudson builds and build status monitoring within the Eclipse IDE

Also due out in Q2 is the final piece of Maven Enterprise Studio - Hudson for Maven.  This offering is built on the Hudson open source core with additional features included specifically for Maven builds.  Hudson is a continuous integration and build tool.  Hudson for Maven along with Maven Studio for Eclipse and Nexus Pro will comprise the Maven Enterprise Studio from Sonatype.  Nexus Pro was Sonatype's first commercial product and it provides more capabilities than its free open source counterpart, Nexus OSS.  Nexus is a repository manager for Maven artifacts and it is used by JBoss, Apache, Codehaus, and several other major open source forges.

Thanks to the buzz that Sonatype generated about its mission to rescue Maven repositories from Java.net, (Especially with the help of the DZone Community!) Oracle has contacted Sonatype and commissioned them to clean up Java.net and build a hosted forge for it.  Sonatype will make a public repository for Java.net available this week to vet the content before merging the projects into Maven Central.  van Zyl told DZone that Oracle is probably going to be the first customer to request the cloud-based offering of Nexus Pro called Nexus Cloud.  Sonatype is also considering a cloud offering that includes the entire Maven Enterprise Suite, said van Zyl.

A preview of Maven Studio for Eclipse is available at Sontype.com.

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