May Agile Roundup: Agile Teams, Far and Wide

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May Agile Roundup: Agile Teams, Far and Wide

In this month's Agile roundup, we honor the humble remote worker, wherever he (or she) may be.

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An Ode to the Remote Worker

I've never seen you, we've never met,

We never will, I'd wager a bet.

You speak a language I may not know,

And while I sleep, you begin to code.

Yet we're on the same project, our workload is shared

Working on the same system, breathing different air.

"Communication's a nightmare," our Scrum Master gripes,

"We can barely keep up, even with Slack, JIRA, and Skype!"

But we can't do it without you, you're how we get by,

You're the key to our DevOps, our CD and CI!

So shout out to you, remote worker, you're great!

...And don't forget about our meeting, it starts around 8.

Who's Up??

Get it? Like, who's awake? Because this is a roundup about remote working and remote workers can be on the other side of the planet, where their night is your day and vice versa? And also because it's a double entendre inquiring who has the most pageviews this month?

Ahhh, you get it.

  1. A JIRA Tutorial for Software Developers: Get The Most out of JIRA by Melissa McEwen — JIRA can be a bit daunting for some developers, so let's take a look at how to demystify it and maximize your ROI for using it! 

  2. Don't Hire Remote Workers Who Can't Nail These 6 Interview Questions by Dominic Price — Remote devs can be just as productive as co-located devs, but not everybody has what it takes to work remote full time. Here are some strategic interview questions to ask your next potential remote hire.

  3. Adopting to Agile — Through an Infant's Eyes by John Vester — Observing the actions of his newborn son, a Zone Leader wonders just how closely these actions match that of the adoption of the Agile framework.

  4. 7 Traits That Make a Great Software Developer by Aleksandra Mladenovic — What's the difference between a good developer and a great developer? These seven qualities will help you distinguish between the two.

  5. 6 Meeting Hacks (and 1 Weird Tip) That Build Trust in the Room by Dominic Price — Meetings can feel like a waste of time, and often times the people in the room don't believe in the others in the room. We take a look at some hacks and tips that can help eliminate these issues and make meetings great again.

Connected and Collective Collaboration

The moment you've all been waiting for! 

How To Build A Collaborative Environment With These Easy Tips by David Miller

We'll start off simply with this catch-all article that gives some great general tips and best practices on how to create a socially collaborative workspace that will allow all of your team members to work together efficiently. It's not specifically about remote working, but isn't specifically not about them, either.

How to Effectively Manage a Remote Team by Arina Katrycheva

This one goes out to all my managers, Project Owners, Scrum Masters with teams around the world. If you've ever struggled to get everyone on one accord and working in sync, this article gives you five ways to not only manage better, but lead better.

Does Remote Working Boost Job Performance? by Adi Gaskell

Whether members of your team are working remotely five miles away or 12,450 miles away (literally halfway around the world), the studies this article references note that remote and flexible working may, in fact, lead to more productivity and higher reported job satisfaction. 

The Extended Team Model: How to Make It Work by Maria Aleksandrova

For those times when you just need a little more manpower, outsourced teams can be a great help. The issue is, by their very nature, outsourced production often come with some logistical work on the front- and backend. Here's how to make it work.

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