May the Fourth Be With Your Logs

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May the Fourth Be With Your Logs

Check out these fun Star Wars/DevOps mash-up GIFs from Loggly, and May the fourth be with your logs!

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I once heard a wise man say, “Cut through logs a DevOps Jedi must!”, and the rest was history. Now everyone wants to help to reveal what matters in their log files. Take C-3PO just the other day:


Don’t forget to strike your best #JediHoover pose to celebrate Star Wars Day today!  You could be the lucky winner of a copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


When your system is down and you realize you didn’t collect all the logs.


If it works in staging, it will work in production, they said.


Yes, we do DevOps, but we’re in the early implementation stage.


When somebody tells you the terminated Docker containers took their logs with them.

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