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McuOnEclipse Component Sources in Dedicated GitHub Repository

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McuOnEclipse Component Sources in Dedicated GitHub Repository

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From time to time it is good to do some cleanup work: what has grown organically sometimes needs some cuts and moves. The same applies to the McuOnEclipse GitHub repository (https://github.com/ErichStyger/mcuoneclipse) which has grown to 522 MByte, 8364 files and 1444 folders. I already moved out the Processor Expert component releases (see “McuOnEclipse Releases on SourceForge“). Time to cleanup and move something else: the Processor Expert component sources.



New Repository only for the Component Sources

Not everyone wants or needs to deal with the component sources. To make it easer and smaller for the component developers, the component sources have been moved to a new GitHub repository:


Keeping the Repository Sources

But I did not want to lose all the history in the repository. Luckily, GitHub is able to make that work. I have cloned the original repo and used the following git commands:

$ git clone https://github.com/ErichStyger/mcuoneclipse.git
$ cd mcuoneclipse
$ git filter-branch --index-filter 'git rm --cached --ignore-unmatch -r Eagle EclipsePlugins Examples PEupd' -- --all

So I have cloned the original repo, then removed the folders I don’t want to be included. Then pushed the repository to the new repo:

$ git push --mirror https://github.com/ErichStyger/McuOnEclipse_PEx.git

With this, the Processor Expert folder with the components is cleaned up:

Processor Expert Component Repository

Processor Expert Component Repository


The new GitHub repository for the sources is now smaller (4253 Files, 150 Folders) and makes it easier for developers. It only has the sources, so no mix-up with examples or other files. I will remove the component sources from the original https://github.com/ErichStyger/mcuoneclipse repository. So I recommend that if you move to the new component repository if you are actively engaged with the component development. And if you have multiple IDE’s like CodeWarrior, Eclipse Kepler and Kinetis Design Studio, sharing the component folders is now easier then ever with the dedicated repository.

I would like to thank user and reader bearsh for his very useful suggestion on that topic.

Happy Moving :-)

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