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Me and You and a Dog Named Boo - Oh, Not *that* Lobo?

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Me and You and a Dog Named Boo - Oh, Not *that* Lobo?

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I suppose that I need to explain the title of this post. Lobo is a singer/songwriter from the 70's that was well-known for several songs, including "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo". Lobo also means "wolf" in Spanish. Now, thanks to Jose Solorzano and crew, Lobo is an extensible, pure Java web browser that is capable of rendering links that contain JavaFX (and Java) source code files. Jose contacted me a couple of days ago about using the code from one of my "Creating a Tetris Program in Compiled JavaFX Script" articles for demonstration purposes. Here's a screenshot of the partially baked Tetris game running in the Lobo Browser:


One nice thing about this approach is that the developer doesn't have to compile the JavaFX Script source files. Rather, the Lobo browser recognizes them as JavaFX Script files, and immediately compiles and runs them. The Lobo browser download comes with a recent version of the javafxrt.jar, javafxc.jar, and Scenario JAR files, which you may recognize from previous posts as necessary to compile and run compiled JavaFX Script files. For more information on the Lobo browser, see Geertjan Wielenga's latest JavaLobby post on the subject, and check out the Lobo browser website. After installing and running the Lobo browser, navigate to the http://www.lobobrowser.org/ext/jfx/TetrisMain.fx URL, and watch it automatically render the JavaFX Script code in that URL. Nice work, Jose!

Jim Weaver
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