Meet Experts in Java EE, JavaFX, and Java Desktop Development at JavaOne

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Meet Experts in Java EE, JavaFX, and Java Desktop Development at JavaOne

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On Sunday, September 30, 2012, JavaOne gives you a unique opportunity to meet a wide range of known Java experts within one single room. Together, throughout the day, the selected Java EE, JavaFX, and Java SE experts will be involved in panel discussions on hot topics impacting everyone in the Java ecosystem.

Java EE Discussion Panel

For example, you will be able to learn a range of practical tips and tricks relating to Java EE and cloud technologies from Adam Bien, Çağatay Çivici, and Sean Comerford. Aside from being a well known speaker, trainer, and author, Adam Bien is a JavaOne Rock Star, as well as an expert group member for a range of Java EE specifications, just like Çağatay Çivici, who is the founder and lead developer of the popular Java EE PrimeFaces component suite. Meanwhile, Sean Comerford is Director of the ESPN.com Architecture and Platforms team, which provides highly scalable, loosely coupled systems that power many of ESPN's digital properties. Rounding off discussions on Java EE will be Glenn Holmer from the Weyco Group, providing on-line retail websites supporting the design and marketing of footwear, David Heffelfinger, author of practical guides to Java EE development, and John Yeary, president of the Greenville JUG.

JavaFX and NetBeans Platform Discussion Panels

The JavaFX and Java SE domains will be addressed in a similar vein. Anton Epple, Gerrit Grunwald, and Sven Reimers each have explored the full range of animations and special effects that JavaFX brings to Java developers, while Paul and Gail Anderson are recognized authors in this area. Between them, they will demonstrate their latest discoveries and invite you to participate in the sessions and tutorials they will be hosting through the rest of the conference.

Next, a number of large Java SE applications will be demonstrated and discussed. From defence systems at NATO, to financial systems, software tools, and retail applications, you will see industrial Java desktop applications and meet the architects and developers behind these systems.

Community Discussion Panel

Focused specifically on practical tips and tricks and demos, the day will end with an overview of the community around the tools and technologies that have made all the highlighted applications possible. Aside from Java, both in the browser and on the desktop, the day will deep dive into the strengths of the NetBeans IDE and its application framework, known as the NetBeans Platform.

In that light, the day will start with a keynote by NetBeans Team leaders and end with awards and recognition for particularly enthusiastic members of the NetBeans community. Throughout the day, developers of the NetBeans Team will be available to answer questions and you will be encouraged to become involved within the NetBeans community, via mailing lists and social media such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

Looking forward to seeing you there: bring questions and ideas to engage the Java experts on the discussion panels with your thoughts!

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