Meet SnoopEE, a Discovery Service for Java EE

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Meet SnoopEE, a Discovery Service for Java EE

Learn about Ivar Grimstad's service discovery tool, SnoopEE.

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SnoopEE is a very interesting grass roots open source Java EE ecosystem project. Akin to NetFlixOSS Eureka it enables microservices discovery, lookup and registration. SnoopEE is developed by Java EE advocate, JCP expert, speaker and blogger Ivar Grimstad. Ivar presented on SnoopEE at JavaOne 2016. One very nice aspect of Ivar's talk is that it actually discusses the basic motivation for service discovery and SnoopEE instead of simply covering the features of the project. You can see his well done session below (click here if you can't see the embedded video).

The slide deck for his talk can be found here. The project itself is on GitHub. SnoopEE is still pretty nascent and under active development. You should consider giving it a try, using it and contributing back to it.

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