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Membase Server is Now Couchbase: v1.8 Available Now

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Membase Server is Now Couchbase: v1.8 Available Now

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Couchbase has just announced a rebranding of their NoSQL Membase server from Membase to Couchbase.  Couchbase's development progressed during a year of high growth in the NoSQL technology market, which is reflected in a review of the company's progress in 2012, linked here.  According to Couchbase's CEO, Bob Wiederhold, the popularity of Couchbase grew following a merger of Membase and CouchOne, which . . .

. . . generated huge interest among application developers who loved the simple, fast, and elastic characteristics of Membase Server but wanted index and query functionality as well. --Bob Wiederhold

The merger resulted in updates to the existing Membase server last February, and now users can upgrade to Couchbase 1.8 by following the directions detailed by Couchbase systems engineer Alex Ma here.  Dipti Borkar provides some details about the new Couchbase Server in a recent blog post.  

Couchbase replaces Membase as the "flagship" server for Couchbase, but the new server is more than simple rebranding.  According to Dipti, the client side of the server will include . . .

 . . .  updated client libraries, documentation, tutorials and samples for Java, C#/.NET, C/C++, Ruby and PHP. Python is on the way. -- Dipti Borkar

These changes have thus far gained some positive response, with one user, Mark Essel, noting that "it's good to see the beneficial assets of couched blending well with membase."  Further Couchbase developments will come with release 2.0, which should add further functionality, according to Borkar.  This will include "indexing, materialized views, query support, incremental map-reduce, and multi-datacenter support."  As a relatively new release, Couchbase has yet to generate some healthy discussion, but they are certainly doing what they can to attract the envirnomentally-friendly developers out there.  According to Borkar's blog, for every download of Couchbase Server 1.8.0 Enterprise Edition, Couchbase will plant a tree. 

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