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A Python Script I Used for Membase/Couchbase Stats Reports

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To check operational stats of your Membase (Now Couchbase) server/cluster, you can use the telnet interface (port 11211) and issue the stats command to any individual node:

$ telnet 11211

The output is unsorted and a little difficult to read at quick glance.

I use the following Python script for getting a quick snapshot of stats from Membase in a more readable format. Since Membase speaks the Memcached protocol, I use the python-memcached module. List all nodes you want stats from.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Corey Goldberg - 2010 (goldb.org)
# print a stats report from membase key-value database (membase.org)
# python 2.x
# requires python-memcached

import memcache

NODES = ('',) 

mc = memcache.Client(NODES)

for node_stats in mc.get_stats():
    server, stats = node_stats
    print '-----------------------------------------'
    print server
    print '-----------------------------------------'
    for stat_name, value in sorted(stats.iteritems()):
        if not stat_name.startswith('ep'):
            if stat_name not in ('libevent', 'version'):
                print stat_name.ljust(25), value.rjust(15)
    print '-----------------------------------------'
    for stat_name, value in sorted(stats.iteritems()):
        if stat_name.startswith('ep'):
            if stat_name not in ('ep_dbname', 'ep_version'):
                print stat_name.ljust(25), value.rjust(15)


sample output (1 node):

$ python membase_stats_report.py
 ----------------------------------------- (1)
 auth_cmds                               0
 auth_errors                             0
 bytes_read                       81754885
 bytes_written                    77239947
 cas_badval                              0
 cas_hits                                0
 cas_misses                              0
 cmd_flush                               1
 cmd_get                            370229
 cmd_set                            380230
 conn_yields                             0
 connection_structures                  16
 curr_connections                       16
 curr_items                         178679
 daemon_connections                     10
 decr_hits                               0
 decr_misses                             0
 delete_hits                             0
 delete_misses                           0
 get_hits                           370228
 get_misses                              1
 incr_hits                               0
 incr_misses                             0
 limit_maxbytes                   67108864
 mem_used                         40909042
 pid                                  2009
 pointer_size                           64
 rejected_conns                          0
 rusage_system                   65.660000
 rusage_user                    113.320000
 threads                                 4
 time                           1278257466
 total_connections                      16
 uptime                                592
 ep_commit_time                          1
 ep_data_age                           286
 ep_data_age_highwat                   286
 ep_dbinit                               0
 ep_flush_duration                       1
 ep_flush_duration_highwat               2
 ep_flusher_state                  running
 ep_flusher_todo                       483
 ep_item_commit_failed                   0
 ep_item_flush_failed                    0
 ep_max_txn_size                     50000
 ep_min_data_age                         1
 ep_queue_age_cap                        5
 ep_queue_size                      176786
 ep_storage_age                        286
 ep_storage_age_highwat                286
 ep_tap_keepalive                        0
 ep_tap_total_fetched                    0
 ep_tap_total_queue                      0
 ep_too_old                           1410
 ep_too_young                        56372
 ep_total_enqueued                  380487
 ep_total_persisted                 198703
 ep_warmed_up                       479990
 ep_warmup                            true
 ep_warmup_thread                 complete
 ep_warmup_time                          4


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Published at DZone with permission of Corey Goldberg, DZone MVB. See the original article here.

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