MemSQL Community Edition: A Year in Review

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MemSQL Community Edition: A Year in Review

Last week was the 1-year anniversary of the MemSQL Community Edition launch. MemSQL take time in this review to share what has contributed to their community success, and what users can expect moving forward.

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From May 20, 2016

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the MemSQL Community Edition launch. Over the course of a year, Community Edition has surpassed tens of thousands of downloads and is deployed across hundreds of active clusters. We have a thriving community user group on Slack, ranging from SQL beginners to award-winning data engineers.

On our anniversary, we want to share what has contributed to our community success, and what users can expect moving forward.

A Database So Scalable, Everyone Can Use It

Community Edition is free forever and comes with unlimited capacity, unlimited scale, and all of the transactional and analytical features present in MemSQL Enterprise Edition. We launched Community Edition to give developers and companies a chance to explore what is possible with in-memory computing. It has advanced SQL features and runs on the same engine as MemSQL Enterprise Edition.

Download Here: memsql.com/download

Helping Our Community

We are dedicated to ensuring success for Community Edition users. We do so by providing free resources to the community including a public Slack Channel, open source tools, documentation, and training videos.

Public Slack Channel

Our Slack channel is a top resource for many of our Community Edition users. Users can post questions on everything from installation to advanced SQL queries, and get quick responses from the community. MemSQL engineers can be found answering questions during California business hours.

Join the public Slack channel here: chat.memsql.com

Open Source Tools

We have developed a number of open source tools to make using MemSQL even better. Projects posted in the last year include:

MemSQL Streamliner – An integrated version of Apache Spark to assist with real-time pipeline deployments

Streamliner Starter Kit: a repository to help you build real-time data pipelines for MemSQL Streamliner

Streamliner Examples: a repository featuring sample code for the MemSQL Streamliner

MemSQL Spark Connector: A tool reading from and writing to MemSQL in Spark. The connector provides a number of integrations with Apache Spark including a custom RDD type, DataFrame helpers and a MemSQL Context.

dbbench: a fast, lightweight database workload generator that executes a workload-defined flexible configuration file. Using this dbbench, simple ‘jobs’ can be defined to describe a workload run against a server.


To help our Community and Enterprise customers get up-and-running quickly with MemSQL at full capacity, we offer extensive product documentation. Our documentation is especially helpful for getting started as it includes a quick start guide, tutorials, SQL references, FAQ and more.

Documentation can be found at: docs.memsql.com

Training Videos

Last year, we introduced the first MemSQL training series, which comes with 6 modules that range from an architecture introduction to schema design and capacity planning.

We’ve embedded the training module playlist below.

Thank You

Finally, we want to thank all of our community members for providing constructive feedback over the past year and for helping us build a welcoming environment for new users. Our goal is to enable any organization to operate in real time, and Community Edition is an important vehicle for making that happen.

To join the MemSQL community, download Community Edition at memsql.com/download and contribute to our public Slack channel at chat.memsql.com

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