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Microservices: Good for Customers, Good for Business [Video]

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Microservices: Good for Customers, Good for Business [Video]

Microservices can help your business leverage the best of the best out in the marketplace, even if there's a slight risk with increasing reliance on microservices.

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When they’re browsing an e-commerce site, most customers have no idea that what they’re seeing may be made up of a large number of microservices working together. Which is fine — as long as it all works.

Some developers believe that increasing your reliance on microservices may also increase your service quality risk. However, as New Relic Senior Director of Product Marketing Bharath Gowda and Director of Sales Strategy and Business Value Mike Genstil explained in their FutureStack16 San Francisco presentation, “The Business Impact of Microservices: Connecting Code to Customers,” any such risk is far outweighed by the benefits.

Those benefits include faster innovation and greater scalability, plus the capacity to work in polyglot language environments while still managing complexity. Microservices allow businesses to be more agile because, as Bharath explained, “Teams can work independently and drive productivity.”

To learn how microservices can help your business to (as Mike put it) “leverage the best of the best out in the marketplace,” watch their full presentation in the video below:

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