Microservices Tutorials: Best of July-August

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Microservices Tutorials: Best of July-August

These tutorials will show you how to build microservices with Java, in Spring Boot, with high scalability, with CI/CD, and more.

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Our Microservices Zone has been heating up just like the summer — for the Northern hemisphere, anyway! We've been sharing tons of tutorials on microservices and distributed systems development, written by our very own DZone community members.

Today, let's start off our week by reviewing some of the most-read tutorials from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Hottest Microservices Tutorials

  1. Quick Guide to Microservices With Kubernetes, Spring Boot 2.0, and Docker, by Piotr Mińkowski. Piotr continues his popular series of excellent microservices tutorials with an explanation and walkthrough on running microservices in Spring Boot with the help of Docker. This tutorial will help you get your cloud-native microservices project up and running quickly. 

  2. Developing RESTful APIs With Microservices in Java, by Muhammad Ali. This tutorial will help you learn more about developing RESTful APIs in Java with Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda, for all the Java developers out there breaking into microservices architecture.

  3. Apache Mesos and Kafka Streams for Highly Scalable Microservices, by Kai Wähner. Scalability is one of the most important aspects of microservices, and this tutorial will show you how to build a highly scalable, mission-critical microservice infrastructure with Kafka, its Streams API, and Mesos in their vendor-supported platforms from Confluent and Mesosphere.

  4. Hands-On CI/CD for Microservices With Jenkins X, by Sergio Martin. DevOps and microservices come together in this tutorial on using Jenkins X to create a distributed, decoupled continuous integration and delivery pipeline for your applications.

  5. Building a Start-Up Using Serverless Technologies — Part 1, by Ewan Valentine. This contributor came onto the DZone scene with the popular series "Create Versatile Microservices in Golang." Now, he's showing us how to build the microservices that come together with serverless functions and a DynamoDB table to build a startup.

DZone's Microservices Resources

  1. Microservices: Breaking Down the Monolith: DZone's free ebook download on microservices benefits, technologies, and patterns.
  2. Microservices in Java: DZone's Refcard on designing, building, and scaling a Java microservice.  

Don't forget to check out the rest of the Microservices Zone, as well as our newest zone, Open Source!

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