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Microsoft declares Web API is the Future of asp.net

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Microsoft declares Web API is the Future of asp.net

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Web API is a new framework invented to embrace HTTP standards and it is also taken as perfect replacement for REST architecture and MVC web services. The framework is designed in such a way that it can be used quickly in variegated production environments. Numerous sessions made it clear that Microsoft has already been declared Web API as “Future of Asp.net” development platform.

When we look into three - four years of near future, all asp.net development for web projects will be approached by Web API platform only. Undoubtedly, this is a bold prediction by Microsoft on how it is going to locate its web resources in future. Currently for developers’ convenience, Web API has been released as module of MVC4 package. Still, internal discussions are on top of how to brand this approach in broad spectrum.

The platform is appropriately suitable to solve your business problems. It can be used alone or combined with existing web technologies to make it even more powerful. Microsoft has also released help guide to educate people about the approach. Further, Web API can be efficiently combined with MVC applications and Web forms to promote the client-server development. In brief, we can say, that Web API defines unified development strategy across all popular asp.net products line.

MVC and Web API

MVC is a server-oriented framework, and Web API is especially designed for client oriented programming. In this case, you want to use both technologies together then you have to rewrite MVC to maintain the compatibility with Web API approach. Frankly, rewriting MVC does not make any business sense and time consuming too.

To use the approach in your favor, you have to know its benefits and how it can be integrated with your existing applications. To know more on asp.net development trends and advancement, stay in touch with our expert team to discuss your queries.


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