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Microsoft Hololens: Will It Be a New Face of Wearables?

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Microsoft Hololens: Will It Be a New Face of Wearables?

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Microsoft’s answer to the Google’s Glass comes in another gizmo-shaped eyewear to be worn just like a set of large goggles. HoloLens is the name of the game. More of a solution that breaks the ice of keeping augmented reality with the virtual reality, which had been not touched so far. In many ways, it is a smarter combination out of what Google Glass and Oculus VR are doing already. But, that doesn’t keep it from having its own individuality and being inventive.


With its endless set of future applications, it is one of those gadgets that come off after a series of tough trials and experiments to reach the tech-radar of its genuine qualified user. With its product strategy, Microsoft looks quite in a different mode to approach things both technologically and with design, pondering over the unsuccessful lead of Google’s headset.


The best part about HoloLens that sets it apart from the close competition is the strong vertical focus. The least thing you have to do with it is wearing it for the whole day. It’s very unlike Google Glass. It is very clear with its purpose and is designed to accomplish only a certain tasks. Further, it seems to share the productivity fiber more and keep entertainment on a sidebar. The interactivity will be all, across the scene, about having easy access to all major tasks you do and things you would enjoy doing.

Building the ecosystem

It is right on target with its features and characteristics that are clearly aimed at overriding the facility already available. Well, it is quite obvious with the picture drawn on broad early on. All that needs to be done is it should arrange for inputs from the fraternity to build the ecosystem that would help it reach the right perspective of consumer application. It needs to bring in both developers and business community to help it move ahead. 

Application Development

There’s a lot to be thought and done in the area of application development. There has to be a well-synchronized process to tune it up well with technology channels through which the whole computing support would flow. This is not just important to make it available to user in its unblemished state but also to claim the edge with utility driven apps and allow businesses to think more rationally to be able to reinvent and replant their ideas through a relevant viewpoint.

Experiencing Features

HoloLens success looks quite possible with the present array of features it comes with. To be able to manipulate objects with a fellow scientist in a common space mission and putting it easy for someone to see what I am able to see while on a Skype chat makes sense. Doesn’t it? Everything from playing an augmented reality adventure sport in my porch area to be able to see how to draw a 3D printable car without having to look far and tight at things makes HoloLens a success right in the early tethering phases.


With all this and more such things beyond what you get to see easily from advanced technology pieces, HoloLens shows all signs to grab the deal quite smoothly. As you see things getting more in shape in months to come, it will become more practical and approachable with the general users making it one of the biggest attractions around as a new prominent face of wearables.

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