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Microsoft launches the web-based Windows Phone Marketplace

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Microsoft launches the web-based Windows Phone Marketplace

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It's been a while since Windows Phone users requested a web version of the Marketplace to be available, making it easier to find information about all the apps and their developers. Today, Joe Belfiore announced that the public web marketplace is finally available:

It is not possible to use it on a Windows Phone device because it is a Silverlight-based application that runs inside the browser, and as we already know it - IE9 Mobile doesn't support plugins.

However, when you log in with your Live ID, you will be able to send an app link to your phone by selecting one of the devices associated with your account:

If the application is downloaded using messaging, the phone will instantly begin the installation (or re-installation) process in unattended mode - you will not receive any additional notifications other than seeing the application appear in the app list (with download and installation progress present).

It is using the same Zune API application endpoints that I documented here, so it is wrapped around existing endpoints in a new shell. There are internal device communication endpoints that allow the OTA (over-the-air) application installation - at this moment, those are not public.

As a bonus, through the new web marketplace you also get easy access to the information about your phone:

  • Content backed up on SkyDrive
  • Xbox Live & Office information
  • Account information
  • Purchase history
  • Access to Find My Phone 
You can try the new service at windowsphone.com.

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