Mighty Mouse Handling in JavaFX Script: Examples by Sven

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Mighty Mouse Handling in JavaFX Script: Examples by Sven

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A few days ago, I posted a mouse handling related question to the JavaFX GUI mailing list, and Sven Drieling responded with a link to some helpful examples that he created. One of these examples is a program that displays the information that can be retrieved from the MouseEvent object that is passed to the JavaFX mouse event handlers. Here's a screenshot of that application, named MouseEvents.fx:



As shown in the JavaFX SDK Packages are Taking Shape post, the MouseEvent class is located in the new javafx.input package. Take a look at the Check out the JavaFX Script Documentation post to examine the MouseEvent class, as well as the mouse handler methods in the Node class which is located in the javafx.scene package.

Sven's second example demonstrates the mouse cursors that are available via constants in the Cursor class, also located in the javafx.scene package. Here's a screenshot of this program:


Sven's examples have full source code and JNLP links, so go check them out and learn some Mighty Mouse handling. Thanks again, Sven!

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