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Migration to latest JDK? Why?

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Migration to latest JDK? Why?

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Java has a long history. It is a language which is often used in Enterprise Applications because of stability, backward compatibility and the sheer talent pool to deliver Java applications. The present changes in Java language which are due in JDK 8 are less verbose and also has performance improvements. The present stance by Oracle to remove support for JDK 6 support has brought in chaos and is forcing companies to upgrade Java based apps to version JDK7. One of the possible ways is to run the old applications in JDK7 without any change in the source code. Other is to change the source code and wait till March 2014 to take advantage of latest features of JDK8 which will make code less verbose and more performance optimized. (If you are interested to know more about JDK 8.0 features. Check this http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jdk8/features.)

To understand the preference of Java community, we are conducting an empirical research and request you to help us with your responses in the given questionnaire. The survey will take maximum of 5 minutes http://goo.gl/pjxNk

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