Mind Map: A Guide for Your First One

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Mind Map: A Guide for Your First One

In this article, see how to create a mind map and look at examples.

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A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. A mind map is hierarchical and shows relationships among pieces of the whole. [ wiki]

It's been a long time I started taking my notes by creating mindmaps. It's a nice and easy way to take notes, and the best part is when you go back, you have the relationships among the pieces of the information. It's easy to review what you read without even going back to the whole book or article.

I have placed all my mindmaps in a GitHub repository.

There are plenty of tools available for creating mindmaps, but my choice is FreeMind, which is a free and easy-to-use tool. This software is written in Java and very helpful for those who love mindmaps.

Without further delay, let's create a mindmap together using the FreeMind tool.

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Step 1

Open the FreeMind tool and create a new file as Map1, and you will get the root node as "New Mindmap". You can save the file that has the extension .mm. After the creation, you can export it to many formats from the file menu.

Step 2

Let's create a mindmap for REST API learning. Replace the text with "REST" in the middle and hit "tab" button, you will get a child node, enter "REpresentational State Transfer."

Step 3

Let's make it a little colorful. Select the root node, go to the format menu, and select Automatic Layout, and the color and format will change.

Step 4

Add another child, and we will also create the grandchild and so on, and the colors will denote the same. Add a few more nodes by pressing "tab," and you will see something like this:

Step 5

Let's add some icons. Right-click on a node and select icons. I will add a few numbers. You can insert pictures as well.

Step 6

You can navigate through the arrows key, create a node with a tab, and fold and unfold children with a combination of keys (it's different for mac and windows). After unfolding it, it looks like this:

Step 7

You can create a link between two nodes and show it graphically by selecting the two nodes and inserting a link from the insert menu.

Step 8

To follow more instructions, get the complete instructions here: Open Source Mind-Mapping Software. You can get all the shortcuts in the documentation to increase your productivity.

Add sibling node ENTER

Add child node INSERT

Add sibling before Shift+ENTER

A full mindmap by me is shown below:

For more mind map examples, see this GitHub repository.

I also publish a mindmap every Monday on Linkedin.

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