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Mingle 3.0 and Google Wave Join Forces

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Mingle 3.0 and Google Wave Join Forces

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ThoughtWorks Studios' Adaptive ALM software unveils major updates today at the Enterprise 2.0 conference. The company is announcing its newest version of  Agile Management software, Mingle 3.0.  The new version of Mingle will feature a new instant messaging environment called "Murmurs".  "Think of it as group project chat meets Twitter," said Chad Wathington, VP of product development at ThoughtWorks Studios.  

Mingle Murmurs allows stakeholders to tag Mingle artifacts in messages and look back at conversation archives for greater context.  "The new features in Mingle 3.0 are designed to turn unstructured communications into a powerful asset for developers, while expanding the reach and visibility managers need when coordinating complex, multiple projects," says Wathington.  ThoughtWorks Studios also announced it would be integrating Mingle and Google Wave.  Full Mingle integration with Google Wave will not be available until Wave's final release next year, but Google and ThoughtWorks Studios have already begun collaboration on integrating their software.  Mingle card views for projects have already been integrated into Google Wave.

New Features and Integrations
  • Integration with Tasktop Pro 1.6, the commercial version of the Eclipse Mylyn project
  • A Macro Development Tool Kit for customized macro reporting
  • Ability to create links between content across projects
  • Support for software configuration management (SCM) through the Subversion 1.6.5 API
  • Improved Mingle integration with external applications and MQL database queries
  • Supports Mingle clustering for horizontal scaling

Adaptive ALM
ThoughtWorks Studio's Adaptive ALM solution features Mingle for project management, Twist for test automation, and Cruise for release management.  The three products work well together because they have the same architecture and they don't work as disparate tool integrations.  Mingle provides requirements management, reporting, issue tracking, and test management.  ThoughtWorks Studio's software can be adapted for Scrum, XP, Waterfall, and iterative methodologies.

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