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Mingle Meets JIRA and Mercurial

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Mingle Meets JIRA and Mercurial

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A boatload of extensions have docked at Mingle's port.  Today, ThoughtWorks Studio's agile project management platform is getting an integration overhaul that will help synchronize data within distributed teams and add more tools into the Mingle environment of collaboration and visibility for business stakeholder, project managers, developers, QA, and tech support.


The new connector to JIRA provides bi-directional updates between the two platforms - integrating workflows.  By centralizing visibility between JIRA and Mingle, the connector facilitates optimal scheduling, tracking, and management, with minimal effort and configuration.

The Mingle-JIRA connector allows users to:

  • Automatically create Agile stories or defects in Mingle to manage feature requests or bugs created in Jira.
  • Automatically sync defect or story status and progress between Mingle and Jira.
  • Get optimal traceability of story/defect activity and progress between management, dev, QA and Operations teams.
  • Automatically create bi-directional links between JIRA feature requests/bugs and Mingle story cards/defects.
  • Be alerted of changes in defects and features in Mingle via Email/RSS subscriptions.
  • Centrally manage, track and report defects and feature requests in JIRA using Mingle’s advanced reporting capabilities, Macro toolkit and multiple dashboard support.

Click on the screenshot to see the TWS video demo of Mingle-JIRA integration.


The Mingle-Mercurial plugin provides Distributed Software Configuration Management.  Engineers are now able to use Mercurial functionality within Mingle.

Mingle Card Prioritizer

This new tool lets Mingle users quickly prioritize lists of epics, features, and stories.  Cards can be grouped into buckets using drag-and-drop.  This is helpful for sorting a large backlog.

Dependency Tracker

A set of tools comes with this extension giving managers the utilities needed to handle functional dependencies within and across projects.  The tools provide visual cues that indicate when commitments have been satisfied.

Test Recorder

Test Recorder is a QA extension that lets testers who are using Mingle to manage test cases capture test results on Mingle cards.  They can also report pass/fail rates without leaving the platform.

Adam Monago, the VP of client services for TWS, said that Mingle would continue to support more heterogeneous and legacy environments along with the tools that their customers request.  JIRA and Mercurial are two examples of this.

Mingle extensions are priced separately from Mingle licenses.

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