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Mission Control to Major...C4F - Coding4Fun Mission Control project

CodePlex - Coding4Fun Mission Control

Coding4Fun Mission Control is a flexible framework that allows developers to easily create an API to control a variety of devices through an extensible network communication platform. For end-users, a companion Windows Phone application is available, that communicates with the controller server through a well-defined set of short-codes.

With a simple command-based interaction mechanism, it is possible to establish an "always-on" communications channel and invoke commands on the attached device from any location with an active network connection.



The sample solution includes a server (Win32 console application) and a Windows Phone 8 application that interact through an open TCP channel to control a USB-based Phidget IR dual-mode sensor.

Den Delimarsky and the C4F team are doing it again (and again I'm probably posting this a little early as I just happened to catch it in the CodePlex RSS stream... ;)

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