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MIX 11 – Touch Renaissance

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MIX 11 – Touch Renaissance

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A couple weeks ago I had the tremendous opportunity to be part of the wildly popular UX Lightning series at MIX 11.  The experience was simply amazing.  Each session produced “sold out” crowds with people being turned away at the door.

The format used for the UX Lightning talks was certainly unique.  We were given 10 minutes to deliever our content and the slides had to be auto timed.  Auto timed slides was probably the best and worst part of the experience.  The worst because you had to have your timing down and rehearsed.  However, this resulted in the best which is concise and digestible chunks of well thought out information.

My talk was titled Good Bye Mouse, Hello Touch.  It really should be been titled the Touch Renaissance because I talked about the transition from the mouse to touch interfaces and the impact this has on the future of software development.  Check out the full video here.


As with all presentations, I couldn’t have done this without the help of others.  The first, and foremost, is a big thank you to John Papa for having the fore site to put on the UX track and include me in the list of extremely talented presenters.  I would also like to thank Ryan Taylor for helping give creative direction, James Ashely for helping fine tune the delivery, also Kyle and Shauna Bachmeier, Dennis Horton, and Chris Haldeman.  And most of all my wife, Mary, for listening to me over and over and over again.


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