MIX 2011 Keynote - IE10 Platform Preview Announced

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MIX 2011 Keynote - IE10 Platform Preview Announced

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As a Microsoft Student Insider I got the opportunity to go to the MIX 11 conference in Las Vegas. Today, during the opening keynote, some interesting announcements were made by Scott Guthrie, Steven Sinofsky and Deam Hachmatovitch.

First of all, Dean Hachmatovitch announced the availability of the platform preview for Internet Explorer 10, just a few weeks after the release of Internet Explorer 9. This takes Microsoft’s work on HTML5 and general web standards to a completely different level. It seems like IE will finally follow the trend set by Firefox and Chrome - frequent releases with various levels of improvements. It was also mentioned that the support for Windows XP is officially out of the radar for the IE team since it is not possible to leverage the latest hardware and Windows capabilities.

Internet Explorer 10 should carry many new improvements for developers, one new thing being better support for CSS3 - including gradients, background images and the CSS3 Flexible Box Layout. The hardware acceleration engine is also going through some changes, being better than the one offered in other browsers (even though most of them have it disabled by default).

During the keynote, it was showed how existing companies, like foursquare, Namco and Sparkart Group (the company that built the web site for Bon Jovi) create rich user experiences by leveraging Internet Explorer capabilities, specifically hardware acceleration and the use of jump lists. More examples can be seen here.

As proof of Microsoft’s commitment to adopting web standards, Dean Hachmatovitch also showcased some projects Microsoft was developing internally that take advantage of the latest HTML5 features (can be viewed at the HTML5 labs web site).

Microsoft reinforced its point on commitment to sponsoring open-source projects, like Orchard CMS and jQuery by demonstrating how those can take advantage of Microsoft tools. Scott Hanselman actually showed how he can use ASP.NET MVC3 with updated tools (for the backend) and WebMatrix (for the frontend) to build an administrative interface for "This Developers Life".


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