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MIX09 Day 1 Keynote: A Roundup of Announcements and Releases

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Wednesday was Day 1 of Microsoft’s MIX 2009 conference. The keynote was handled by Bill Buxton and Scott Guthrie. There were a lot of announcements throughout the day, including beta, CTP, and final software releases. Here is a roundup of what’s new and where you can get more information.


MIX Coverage and Liveblogging


New & Updated Downloads


What’s New


  • Shipped!


Silverlight 3

  • GPU Hardware Acceleration (Windows & Mac)
  • Perspective 3D Support
  • Bitmap & Pixel APIs
  • Deep Zoom Improvements
  • Deep Linking and Navigation
  • Improved SEO
  • Support for Multi-Touch and ClearType
  • Over 100 Controls
  • H.264, AAC, MPEG-5 A/V Support
  • Mac Eclipse Support – Get it here.
  • Out-of-Browser Support on Windows and Mac (Like Adobe AIR)
  • RIA Services – Simplified End-to-End Data Validation, Data Binding, Authorization & Roles Mgmt with Silverlight Client and ASP.NET Server Components


Expression Blend 3

  • SketchFlow - Tool to create prototypes. More info here.
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Import
  • Source Control Integration
  • Intellisense for XAML, C# and VB.NET


Expression Web 3

  • SuperPreview (Built-in and Standalone)
  • Improved Standards-Based Development
  • Secure FTP Support
  • Target Multiple Languages



  • Velocity (Distributed Caching)
  • Improved AJAX
  • WebForms Enhancements


Visual Studio 2010 Web Development

  • Better Javascript / AJAX Experience
  • jQuery Tools
  • SharePoint Support
  • Multiple config Files Supported


Web Platform Installer

  • Shipped 2.0 Beta
  • Install a Web App and All It's Required Components


Web Application Gallery

  • Portfolio of ASP.NET and PHP Web Applications for Download
  • Examples: DotNetNuke, DasBlog, WordPress, Drupal, Graffiti


Windows Azure

  • Commercial Release in 2009
  • FastCGI / PHP Support
  • Run .NET Apps in Full Trust
  • SQL Data Services with Relational DB and Full ADO.NET Support


IIS Extensions

  • Secure FTP
  • WebDAV
  • URL Rewriting
  • Routing Engine w/Forward Proxy
  • Bit Rate Throttling


Commerce Server 2009

  • Shipped!

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