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Mobile Apps’ Role During Holiday Season 2015

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Mobile Apps’ Role During Holiday Season 2015

With the holiday season now upon us, mobile app developers should prepare for the masses looking to buy, browse, and consume through use of their apps.

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The holiday season is here. While it might seem a bit early for some consumers, brands have hit the ground running, creating sales, presenting commercials, and offering red-colored coffee cups. Your company is likely gearing up for the seasonal rush as well, but you will have your own job: You must prepare for the sudden influx of mobile app users on your organization's app by testing functionalities, as well as ensuring that the app performs perfectly all the way through its lifecycle.

Simply put, mobile devices will steer shopping in the next couple months. According to a recent report from Deloitte on the 2015 holiday season, 78% of smartphone users said they will take advantage of those devices to complete transactions in the next two months. Your app must be up to par, as those individuals will have many options available when it comes to buying consumer goods.

"A majority of consumers will look for products and information on mobile devices"

Mobile Browsing and Buying

If your mobile app doesn't keep up pace with demands or crashes due to bugs and glitches, you can kiss your holiday transactions goodbye. Adobe predicted that the average Internet user will spend $305 this season on e-commerce channels, with 29% of those transactions taking place via mobile devices on Thanksgiving weekend and 30% as we get closer to Christmas Day. More importantly perhaps, a majority of consumers (51% and 52%) will look for products and information on mobile devices this Thanksgiving and Christmas, respectively. If customers have a pleasant experience on mobile apps, they could end up in your brand's brick-and-mortar location.

Mobile Payment Apps Have a Chance

If your organization is on the payment side of the mobile app coin, then you're also in luck, since this holiday season is a great opportunity to prove to consumers that your mobile payment app is not only convenient, but that it is the best in the industry.

Accenture reported that only 18% of North American shoppers use mobile payment apps more than once a week, but with 52% of individuals aware that this technology exists, the number of active users should be much higher. It seems that mobile payment apps just don't offer consumers what's necessary to keep them engaged.

"Any hiccups in performance will inspire customers to bin your app"

This holiday season, you should allow customers to conduct a variety of tasks on your mobile payment app. For example, 46% of non-users in Accenture's survey said they would download mobile payment apps if they could complete transactions with a single tap, while 48% hoped that these apps would track previous purchases and identify spending habits. By providing those capabilities and functionalities, you can seize the mobile app payment market in the next few months. However, this means leveraging automated mobile app testing, as any hiccups in app performance will inspire customers to bin it and forget it. In the same vein, mobile app monitoring can help you identify and fix issues as soon as possible.

What Else Do Shoppers Want?

With only a few short weeks until holiday shopping season kicks off, brands in all industries should ensure that mobile e-commerce and payment apps are properly optimized and ready for the rush. This means performing rigorous mobile app testing in a variety of scenarios, especially putting their apps through user-specific use cases.

But what exactly will shoppers being doing with your mobile app? Deloitte found that 55% of smartphone users want to compare product prices, 46% read reviews, 45% use coupons and 27% hope to scan barcodes in order to get more detailed information on certain items. It is also important to regularly inform consumers when sales begin or products are made available.

While it might seem gloomy to state that this holiday season could make or break the success of your mobile app, consumers will be using their devices a lot to shop in the coming months, and if your app breaks or fails to engage, you could lose an audience.

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