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Mobile Games should Revisit the Past

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Mobile Games should Revisit the Past

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I’m sure there’s a reason, but why is it that the most popular games on mobile devices are mindless efforts like bird-flinging?  Don’t get me wrong…Angry Birds is addictive and fun, but it’s also generally mindless.  Games like Plants vs. Zombies are slightly better, because they require a bit more strategy and planning, but they’re still not on par with some of the games from the past.

What happened to the amazing games of our childhood, though?  Games like the original Super Mario Brothers series, or Baseball Stars (quite possibly the greatest baseball game ever created)?  Most of these games are far superior to today’s mobile offerings, and are generating little to no revenue for their owners.

How hard would it be for SNK to take the original codebase for Baseball Stars, slap it inside some native container, and port it to iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone?  I mean, perhaps I am missing something, but if you had a wildly successful game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (something high school seniors have probably never ever heard of), why wouldn’t you continue to push that game onto other platforms?

This post was meant to start a discussion.  Why do you think we’ll never see some of the amazing games of our childhood on our mobile devices?  You can’t tell me that Atari wouldn’t want to sell a couple hundred thousand more copies of Adventure to mobile phone users, right?

What do you think?

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