Mobile Marketing for the Holidays [Infographic]

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Mobile Marketing for the Holidays [Infographic]

The holidays are fast approaching! Take a look at how you as a developer can prepare your clients and companies for what is sure to be a very busy season.

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As we continue to rush towards the holidays (it's November?!?!), companies are preparing for the holiday season.

Whatever the industry, mobile seems to play a huge part in it.

And why not? Everywhere I look, everyone has one of "them thar new fancy fangled handheld deee-vices." (not my best country talk for smartphones and tablets).

With eCommerce expected to double this year for mobile, companies are bulking up on servers, fine-tuning UI's, and looking to place the perfect price on their products for their customers.

For freelance developers and their clients, it may already be too late to prep the site for the holiday season. As I mentioned, we're on the tail end of October.

Now, some of my readers are probably asking "Why would I focus on mobile marketing on a programming blog?"

  • Whether you know it or not, you are a marketer. As a freelance or corporate developer, you are always "marketing" to your clients for your services or trying to pitch an idea to management (yeah, that's marketing).
  • I'm moving more towards mobile development and marketing plays a part in that aspect.
  • Based on an infographic, I'm believing this holiday season will be the biggest for mobile sales to date.

Which brings me to my infographic for this post.

The awesome team over at WebsiteBuilder.org compiled and created an infographic on 104 Interesting Facts That You Don't Know About Mobile Marketing where they compare desktop vs. mobile, niches that work best, (developers...pay attention) great mobile marketing techniques, adoption, friendliness, and others.

As we get closer to the holidays, I'll be posting other topics pertaining to eCommerce, holiday programming, updating my Christmas list for techies, and other tips and tricks for developers along with coding techniques and projects as well.

Get ready for the holiday season!

104 Facts You Don't Know About Mobile Marketing

Source: WebsiteBuilder.org.

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