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Best of May: Mobile Development Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

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Best of May: Mobile Development Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

The most popular tutorials and tips in the mobile zone are collected here for you to optimize your apps, build VR games, and more!

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We're keeping it simple this month by highlighting some of the most useful, popular, and memorable content our contributors have brought to the zone. Check out the tutorials, tips, and tricks that DZoners liked the best!

Mobile Zone Trending Articles

  1. The Dark Side of UX: Avoiding Patterns of Distrust, by Alex McPeak. Certain UX design choices are not just bad, but malicious. Make sure you aren't losing users' trust by making bad UX choices or mistakes.

  2. A Guide to Creating an API for Your Mobile App, by Melissa Crooks. These best practices for creating an API for your mobile app will help you ensure good performance, security, and design.

  3. A Quick Guide to Firebase: An Innovation in Mobile App Development, by Amit Manchanda. Learn about Google's Firebase, a backend-as-a-service providing a real-time database to enable mobile app development for Android and more.

  4. Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Android Application Optimization, by Sachin Khosla. These tips for programming your Android mobile applications will help them run faster and avoid performance bottlenecks.

  5. 100 Days of VR series, by Josh Chang. This tutorial series made a triumphant return to DZone to continue teaching you how to develop a first-person VR shooter game in Unity 3D. Click the link to start from the beginning!

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Diving Deeper Into Mobile

  1. DZone's Guide to Mobile Application Development: a free ebook download on mobile development topics.

  2. Getting Started With Kotlin: Download our free Refcard to learn about this JVM language that has gained popularity in the Android community.

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Location: New York, NY, USA
Experience: 3-5 years of Android development experience. Experience building apps with Kotlin. Experience with unit tests, functional tests, visual tests. A published Google Play app.

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