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Date: April 17, 2013

By: Brian Katz

Description: Brian and Steve Damadeo (@sdamadeo, IT Ops Manager @ Festo) have a lively conversation about doing mobile app development. They talk through the steps that Steve’s team have taken in the last few years to develop solutions at Festo and come up with a set of lessons to be used when going through the process.

Topic 1 – How do you decide you need an app? Does the business come in and ask for it, you guys identify you need it what? 

Topic 2 – What sorts of questions do you ask when you want to build an app? 

Topic 3 – Let's walk through a few design scenarios 
Topic 4 – Final Thoughts and advice

The Mobile Zone is brought to you in partnership with Apptimize.  Learn more about app optimization methods that help teams identify user preferences, decide the next iterative changes to make, and validate them through testing.


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