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The Mobilecast - Episode 12: Data Ingestion

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The Mobilecast (.net) #12 - Data Ingestion (35:07)

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Date: August 15, 2013

By: Brian Katz

Description: Brian spends time talking with Dave Stafford about the data ingestion problem that comes with mobile. While people are still fighting about BYOD and who should own/pay for devices, there’s a problem with how you get data off of devices, especially if people use their own apps to get their work done

Topic 1: What is the data ingestion problem and how did it come from FUIT?

Topic 2: How people work: It’s not trying to be nefarious.

Topic 3: How do we manage content?

Topic 4: Identity and personas

Topic 5: Maybe there is a way to use auditing.

Topic 6 – Christmas lights

The Mobile Zone is brought to you in partnership with Apptimize.  Learn more about app optimization methods that help teams identify user preferences, decide the next iterative changes to make, and validate them through testing.


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