Modern Proactive Monitoring of Distributed Web Systems

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Modern Proactive Monitoring of Distributed Web Systems

Monitoring is hugely essential. But what's your monitoring set up like for distributed systems? Get proactive, not reactive.

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Monitoring requires a lot of forethought, setup and decisions.   Do you just monitor servers or do you go a level down?  Do you monitor servers and application servers/services? Do you monitor databases? Do you monitor applications? Do you monitor within applications? Do you care about stack traces, logs, warnings, errors, memory, network...Lots of decisions and lots of open source and commercial tools to chose from. There's APM, profiling, memory analysis.

Unfortunately, there's no slam dunk. The following list of tools are all good and work for many use cases. You have to look at all of their features, benefits and flaws and determine the fit for you.

Some debate over Sensu and Zabbix

Sensu is open source and is very nice, but requires Redis and RabbitMQ installed.

Monitoring Hadoop and Java Services

OMD distribution for monitoring


Hawt, a very nice console for looking at JMX and services

Takipi is a very interesting JVM tool that has a free edition. Very powerful for debugging and analysis.

An awesome list of Java monitoring tools

Jolokia for monitoring JMX over HTTP, which is very useful for monitoring Java

Statsd-JVM for profiling

Spring Boot + Statsd

The Dropwizard Metrics library for producing all the information you need from your Java microservices.

JVM Monitoring from Eclipse

New Relic is another very powerful commercial monitoring tool

AppDynamics is another powerful commercial monitoring tool with a free edition

Dynatrace provides a free trial of their APM tool

IBM has some free tools for monitoring and diagnostics of JVM applications (Heap, dumps, JMX, ...)

For developers, you need this for local development - VisualVM. Also Eclipse MAT is useful if you use Eclipse. Also GCviewer.

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