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On MongoDB’s Success. Or, Do Not Let Cynicism Kill Your Spirit

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Success is a strange beast. On the bright side and true to entrepreneurial spirit, people admire those who are obviously successful. In the theory of our mostly capitalist society, successful people worked hard for their success, and thus deserve it. In practice, there may be other mechanisms of success than working hard, but that’s another story which is quite off-topic on this blog.

MongoDB is successful. Extremely successful, given that they have just raised $150M from a venture-funding round. They must be doing something right, at least from a marketing and sales perspective.  Since I admire this success, and I am hoping to be similarly successful with jOOQ, I wanted to throw in the story on reddit for discussion. I’m curious what other business-oriented people think of this. But as always, when talking about MongoDB, cynicism arose. Heavily. See the following examples

Cynicism About the Tech Quality

Cynicism on the tech quality

Cynicism about the tech quality

Cynicism About Getting Rich

Cynicism about getting rich

Cynicism about getting rich

This was really disappointing to me. Is this just reddit being full of trolls? Or are people heavily envious if someone stands out and is successful? You may think whatever you want about MongoDB, but there is no doubt that this valuation and venture-funding round is proof of MongoDB’s continuous success over the past years. Apparently, they are responding to a real market value with real market expectations. Raising this money will hopefully help them meet those expectations even more, in the future.

Do Not Let Cynicism Kill Your Spirit

Whether this is just reddit or the “IT community” in general, it is not worth delving into such cynical discussions. I congratulate 10gen for being the only NoSQL database vendor in the top 10 DBMS popularity rankings for DB-Engines.com:

DBMS ranking. Reproduced with permission of DB-Engines.com

DBMS ranking. Reproduced with permission of DB-Engines.com

I most certainly congratulate 10gen on this incredible milestone in their company history.

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