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MongoDB 3.0.5 Released for Production

MongoDB's release of 3.0.5 improves the flaws of 3.0.4 and is currently the most stable version of MongoDB for production deployment.

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Hot on the heels of the release of MongoDB 3.1.6, MongoDB announced the release of 3.0.5 for production deployment this past week.

The 3.1.6 version was released without the intention to be used for production. MongoDB's 3.0 remains its most stable version with plans to improve 3.1.6 for production as 3.2.

According to their news release, 3.0.5 only contains fixes for the previous version, 3.0.4, and is a "recommended upgrade" for all 3.0 users of MongoDB.

The fixes contained in 3.0.5 include: 

  • SERVER-17254 WT: drop collection while concurrent oplog tailing may greatly reduce throughput
  • SERVER-17689 Server crash during initial replication sync
  • SERVER-18875 Oplog performance on WT degrades over time after accumulation of deleted items
  • SERVER-18902 Retrieval of large documents slower on WiredTiger than MMAPv1
  • SERVER-18926 Full text search extremely slow and uses a lot of memory under WiredTiger
  • SERVER-19255 Listener::waitUntilListening may return before listening has started
  • SERVER-19489 Assertion failure and segfault in WorkingSet::free in 3.0.5-rc0
  • SERVER-19513 Truncating a capped collection may not unindex deleted documents in WiredTiger
  • TOOLS-16   Mongodump should not use SlaveOk flag by default

To read more in the release notes, click here

To upgrade, click here.

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