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MongoDB Inc. Worth $1.2 Billion, Are They the Next Oracle?

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MongoDB (formerly 10gen) just became the most valuable tech startup in New York, beating out more well-known companies like Gilt, Foursquare, and Etsy.  They're also worth more than the cost of Tumblr, which was acquired by Yahoo this year.

This new valuation of $1.2 billion is due to a new round of venture funding, totalling $150 million.  For the month of October, MongoDB remains at #6 on the DB-Engines.com overall rankings.  It's the only NoSQL database in the top 10, because Cassandra was knocked back down to 11 on the charts. 

So is MongoDB a company that Oracle should look out for?  If you look at the ruling Triumvirate of databases on DB-Engines, Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL Server have an overwhelming lead.  Seems like it could be a few more years before there are enough applications out there that really need NoSQL.

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